Grow Your Business
with Better Copy and Content

Story is what connects us.
It's also what makes people say, "Yes!"

When you make a decision, you don't make it because you read a bunch of
details and facts.

Those things come second, or sometimes not at all.
They sound good on paper, and you know they should matter,
but they really aren't what makes you finally commit to that person, buy that house,
or go to a university.

Life is not a list of pros and cons.
At the end of the day, our decisions are based on one thing:


You say yes because of a story - the one you tell yourself about who you will be, how you'll feel, the
things you will do, and the life you will lead once you date that person, buy that home,
take that trip, or give that gift. 

When you say yes, you're not investing in a product - you're investing in a vision.
A vision of yourself and the life you want to live.

It's an old saying - facts bore, story entertains.

They also create vision, helping us see ourselves living out the story we
want most in our lives. 

I help people, brands, and organizations in the B2B and B2C realm around the world
to share their stories, and make connections through impactful copy and content.

I help them create vision. 

It's that vision that makes people click-thru, sign-up, and in a nutshell, say yes.

These days I work with brands like Salesforce, BreezoMeter, app developers
like Explain Everything, restaurants, travel companies, international cultural events, and more,
helping people fall in love with their causes and businesses
through great story. 

 Want to tell your story better?
Click below to see how we can grow your audience. 


How Can We Work Together?

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Copywriting & Content Strategy

It pays to have a writer with experience in niches like business, sales, health, culture, travel, and everything in between. It pays even better to have a writer who can guide your content strategy and get maximum exposure for your business. 

Get yourself a writer who can do both.  

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Email Marketing 

Websites aren't your best tool for selling - they're just the opener. You need a way to keep in touch with your visitors and grow trust over time. Social media can be noisy and crowded, but email is more personal. It's a proven effective way to build relationships and turn your one time visitors into repeat customers. And lucky for you, I love writing them. 

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Landing Pages & Web Copy

Did you know more than 70% of  visitors to your site will never come back? Sad, but true. The number one reason? Simple: Your copy didn't interest them enough. When it comes to sales, you get one shot to wow visitors and spark their interest. Up the game on your conversion rates by grabbing people's attention as soon as they show up to your site. Upgrade your landing page.



Website Review & Sales Funnel Optimization

Your website looks good, and your sales funnel is revving and ready to go, but you're just not bringing in the customers you deserve. Your site might need a makeover, and you might need to graduate from "not bad copy," to words that excite your customers and speak to their desires. Copy that grabs their attention and leads them to the finish line. 



eBooks, White Papers, Case Studies, Buying Guides, & etc.

Downloadable eBooks are a proven way to boost your email signups and grow your mailing list. Case studies build trust and reliability for your brand. White papers can inform the pants off your potential buyers, and even your biggest doubters. So what is your site offering?