“He has worked with me through tight deadlines and picky clients, and he’s always ready to go the extra mile.”
— Amanda Russell, Managing Editor, Ghergich Content Marketing

When you do good work, people talk about it.


Josh was recommended to me by another writer, and has been in my "stable" of writers ever since. He is eager to work with his clients, and I never have trouble getting in touch with him. In fact, he often has to patiently wait for my response, which he does without complaint.

He has worked with me through tight deadlines and picky clients, and he's always ready to go the extra mile. In an industry with its fair share of people who aren't willing to make the commitment to be great, Josh stands out.

- Amanda Russell, managing editor,  
Ghergich Content marketing

"Josh Doyle edited the Guest Guide booklets for the 20th Busan International Film Festival. He is a reliable and resourceful writer and we were very happy with his work. Not only is his writing clear and creative, but his attitude is positive and work ethic is punctual."

- Karen Park,Busan International Film Festival, Program & Hospitality Manager

"Josh helped look over my website before launch. He made the whole process feel more like two partners talking rather than having a client vs professional attitude. It made me realize that he was truly as invested in the words as I was.  Another thing that you get with Josh is a unique sense of humanism behind your words. There are no cookie cutters here. Everything feels real and visceral. I’m happy to have found someone who helps me say what needs to be said, while trimming the fat elsewhere. "  

- Cheyne Kohl, Music Producer and Sound Engineer,  
Underground Tracks

"Josh graced my blog The Breakfast Club with a beautiful piece titled Dear Women which is one of our highest rated articles to date. His writing is poignant, ethereal, and honest - a quality that is rare but necessary in order to capture the hearts and minds of an audience, which he does so well. He's a pleasure to be around; his contagious positive energy and artistic sensibility translates directly into his work. You can always feel the passion and playfulness in every wonderfully unique and individualized piece that he writes."

— danai mush, freelance blogger and public relations director


"Josh has done an excellent job editing my blog. He has an uncanny way of picking up on my style and using it in his edits, so that my voice is still intact. He has made my blog's writing more streamlined, consistent, and to the point. I am very happy with his work, and will continue to be his client!"

— Tess Bercan, Freelance writer