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I do all the work. 
The dog edits... minimally.

Many eons ago, in the year of 1987, when the world was still young and man had yet to discover battery powered scooters, a child was brought into the world under a summer moon. 

Guided by two loving parents, he grew into a curious boy, who aside from the house cats, loved nothing more than a great story. 

When Disney movies and halloween specials were no longer enough, he started writing his own. They were not very good, but no one had the guts to say this to his face.

And so foolishly he kept on writing, until one day, somebody read something he wrote and said, "Holy hot-pockets of golden goodness, it's actually not bad."

Eventually a newspaper gave him a job as the Arts & Culture Editor, where he was allowed to improve his craft and help other writers to develop their skills.

Before long curiosity got the better of him. After graduating university, he packed all he owned into a bag and boarded a plane for the other side of the world.

He studied the Korean language. He wrote for newspapers, magazines, businesses, and festivals across Asia and Canada, helping them win readers and grow their businesses with shareable content that people were excited about.

And he can do the same for you. All you have to do is email him and say "Hi!" 

It's really, really easy. 


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