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International Copywriter & Content Marketer


Toronto - Seoul



With an international focus, I work with brands and media outlets around the world to create custom content and copy that gets people reading, sharing, and engaging with your story.



Global Reach. Local  Feel.








Combining years of journalism experience with an MA in International Relations to cover ideas & stories with a global reach. 


Some Industries I Work With


Travel & Tourism

International Development & Politics

Tea & Coffee

Tech & App Development

International Business & Finance




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Content Marketing
to Connect People with Your Brand

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Speech Writing
to Make an Impact

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Web Copy & Landing Pages
that Turn Visitors into Customers

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Ad Copywriting
to Reach the Right People

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Email Marketing & Newsletters
that Builds Relationships

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White Papers
Case Studies, eBooks and Reports


Brands I Work With

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"In an industry with its fair share of people who aren't willing to make the commitment to be great, Josh stands out."