Freelance Writer & Content Strategist


Working with brands and media outlets around the world, I create engaging content that gets people excited about your story. 


Tell your story in a way they'll remember.

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Content Strategy
to Connect People with Your Brand

High quality content for your blog, designed to build a relationship with your readers by offering value, showing who you are and what you have to offer.

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Landing Pages & Web Copy
that Turn Visitors into Customers

Turn your website from 'good enough' to something  that gets people excited about your message. Make your landing pages and web copy speak to what your ideal customers really want, and get more visitors excited about what you do.

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Email Marketing
that Builds Relationships

Once people are interested in your story, it's time to develop rich, meaningful relationships through email they actually want to read. This is where we turn prospects into repeat visitors - and visitors into loyal fans.

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Brands I Work With

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"In an industry with its fair share of people who aren't willing to make the commitment to be great, Josh stands out."